Letting Go... of Old Shoes

Some of us have trouble letting things go. (Man, this post could anywhere with that topic. Am I right??) Today we’re talking fashion, though.

Take my shoes for example. I can wear shoes to DEATH. These shoes I wore for about…. 4 years. I walked to school in these shoes. Rain, shine, or snow. Up some huge hills, in and out of buildings, and playing the occasional soccer game.

And it shows!

When I graduated college and I started my first professional job, one thing became clear to me. I needed some new shoes! (In retrospect, it seems funny to me that that was such a huge thing for me to notice. I guess that shows how badly mine compared to my officemates.)

As soon as I got home from work that day, I pulled all of my shoes out of my closet. And it was bad. Holes, stains, and all around grossness.

The most interesting thing about all of this is that I didn’t even notice this until that day at the office. When I had purchased these shoes they had been adorable. I got compliments on them all the time. They had become staples in my shoe rotation. It was like my mind was dressing me instead of my eyes. It was an eye-opening experience for me.

After I decluttered and invested in new (and better quality) footwear, I noticed that I felt more confident. It seemed to bleed into what I ate, how I worked out, what I wore, all of it. As I shopped, I didn’t even get real replacements for the shoes I left behind. It was time for new things that fit my new phase in life. It made me realize that with each phase of our lives, we may need to adjust our wardrobe. Otherwise, we may subconsciously be holding on to more than we realize. And it doesn’t help us! So just let it go.

Here are some tips for your next shoe clear out:

  • Does it have holes? TRASH
  • Is it stained? Try to clean it. Today. (Otherwise, you’ll have a pile sitting there forever… which doesn’t help things) Cleaning doesn’t work? TRASH. Cleaning works? You have renewed its lease on life. Congratulations. 🙂
  • Does it give you blisters or sore feet? (After a year of wearing, if it’s still doing this…. it probably always will.) GIVE AWAY.
  • How many times have you worn it this year? Never? GIVE AWAY. Less than 3 times? That’s pretty much never. Be honest. GIVE AWAY.

Sometimes, I’ll put shoes on trial. I’ll take 2 weeks and the shoes I haven’t worn much that year I focus my attention on wearing. This either ends up being their last hurrah and the clincher for the relationship, or it becomes the spark that reopens the love affair.

So my challenge to you: Take a minute and go through your shoes. You may be surprised with what you haven’t been noticing on your feet. Let me know how your clean out goes in the comments below, or share any tips you have for keeping your foot apparel in check.