Cinnamon Oat Banana Bread

So I love Banana Bread.

I was obsessed with the banana bread bagels for the longest time. I could eat an entire loaf of banana bread per day and be just fine. ( I top mine with cream cheese or butter depending on the type of banana bread….)

With all the holiday festivities, I couldn’t use up my bananas as fast as usual. So I had about 12 bananas in prime condition for banana bread and other goodies!

I planned on making my own Cinnamon Oat Banana Bread, but had so many bananas I figured I should try out a few other recipes for fun!


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Scones. Scones. Scones.

So I recently heard about a Bed and Breakfast that made amazing scones. Apricot.

First of all. Apricot is not my favorite flavor. Not sure why, but it’s never been my cup of tea. But something about these scones just called out to me. So I decided to make them.

As I searched through Pinterest for a recipe, I found more scones that were calling out to me. (This happens to everyone, right?) So I decided to make a big breakfast with 3 types of scones. My friends all laugh, because I do this type of thing a lot. The saying “go big or go home” is practically my life motto.

So here are the scones I tried out, and my thoughts on them!

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