DIY Craft: America Sign

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest, and I thought I’d make my own version. It was actually quite simple to make and I loved the final product!

I really love holidays, and 4th of July is one of my favorites. So crafts and decor that is themed makes me SOOOOO happy. If you have 45-60 minutes, take a stab at this project!

You’ll Need:

  • Wood Letters (I used these.)
  • Plaque Sign (Go to your nearest craft store and choose which size and type you like.)
  • Red, White, and Blue Paint (Choose the shades that go with your decor. I chose brick red, warm white, and navy blue.)
  • 3 Medium sponge paint brushes
  • 1 small square paint brush
  • Glue (I used Wood Glue, but you can also use Tacky or Hot Glue)

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