I’m a single, 20-something girl who has a passion for life. I’ve graduated college and am now in a career. My background is in health. But when I say background, yes, I have a degree in Health Promotion…. but I’ve been reading about health since I was 11. You know… when I would steal my parent’s Prevention magazines and read them…over and over again.

Speaking of parents, I was raised by 2 incredible people. My mother is the most creative and talented person I know. My dad is the most knowledgeable and wise person I know.  As if that wasn’t enough, I’m also benefiting from the examples of 7 older siblings! They are spread across the United States, while my parents are currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Thailand! I love them all, and wouldn’t be who I am without my loving family.

I’m also one of those people who just wants to do everything. Be a doctor, an astronaut, entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom, detective, artist, etc. My interests are so wide-spread and varied, it’s crazy! I just really love life! I also love learning. That’s my number one passion. Give me books, hobbies, careers – I want to learn and do it all!

So why am I writing a blog? I want people to find joy in their everyday life, too. Life is a journey! I want to inspire creativity in food, homes, and lifestyle. I want women especially to feel confident in themselves. I want people to ponder things more deeply. I want to help the world be a more beautiful place.  I want to create a positive space that motivates and uplifts.

As far as this blog goes, I’ve felt the need to create a blog for years. Life experiences have helped me realize that this the avenue that will help me continue to live my passions and reach out to others. This is my place to share moments of joy, creativity, and growth. My hope is that I can share tidbits of my life that will inspire, motivate, and maybe help you in your life too. I believe that sharing is necessary to solidify my own learning, and I hope that it can make other’s lives easier – or at least more enjoyable.  My thoughts range from deep and pensive to goofy and light-hearted. I believe that we should experience and embrace a spectrum of emotions in order to fully be content with our life. 🙂 So I’ll post things that brighten people’s days and hopefully show them how to find joy in small things and the little moments. I hope this blog will become a place that nurtures the lives of many people! Basically, I want to become a friend.