5 High-End Products that Live Up to the Hype

I have loved makeup ever since I was a little girl. I would even put makeup on my dolls – sometimes that meant nail polish, lip gloss, or blue eyeliner… Whatever I could find!

As I’ve grown, I’ve had fun moving from Lip Smackers from Wal-Mart to Lipstick from Sephora. I’ve found a few products that I think are really worth the hype. Nobody needs a huge collection of makeup unless they’re an artist, but if you want to try a product or two – here are some suggestions!

Lorac Eyeshadow.jpg

  1. I LOVE Lorac Eyeshadow. It is worth every bit of the hype out there!! If I only was allowed one palette – it would be a Lorac palette. (Not sure I could choose a favorite one, but that’s ok…) I have given this as a wedding present to a few of my bride friends. Mostly because they loved mine, and I knew they’d love it.

MArc Jacobs.jpg

2. Marc Jacobs Lipstick. I really love these! They have a great staining effect, so they stay forever! I got a sample set last year at Christmas from a friend. I haven’t even used this set up. But when I do, I’m sure I’ll splurge for a full-size tube! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE a good red lip! These are great for a low maintenance bold lip.

Tarte Blush.jpg

3. Tarte Blush Products. I love Tarte Blush! I would say their powder formula is my favorite, but I do like their stick/cream products too. I love Tarte’s holiday blush palettes, and I use them all the time. I think I have a lifetime supply already! Mostly because these things last forever! It looks like I haven’t even used them!

Anastasia Brows

4. Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Products. Anastasia really is the queen of brows! The brow whiz has been a staple for years! And her brown gel is legitimately the best I’ve EVER tried. I’ve tried her pomade, pencils and powders and like them too, but my brows don’t need tons of work day to day…so the brow whiz and gel are all that I need!

Stila Eyeliner.jpg

5. Stila Eyeliner. I have really oily eyelids, so a good eyeliner that doesn’t smudge and smear is a must. Stila Eyeliner is one of my favorites. Their liquid formula and pencial formulas are great! (I actually love using her jetblack liquid liner, and then layering her smudge stick waterproof eye liner in a bronze/brown shade like Lionfish or Spice over it. It gives a really cool effect!)

I hope you try some of these cult favorites! Do you have any personal favorite high-end products that you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments below!


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