5 Ways to Deliver Goodies!

So if you’re anything like me, you love to cook and bake. This presents a problem if you’re single OR if you’re trying to watch your waistline. (Or both, like me!) So I love bringing treats and things to neighbors and friends. It nourishes relationships, is fun for me and them, and protects me from gorging in too many goodies!

Here are 5 easy ways to deliver treats with a little pizzazz!

Washi Tape Bag.jpg

  1. This is super easy! You put the treats in a classic brown paper bag. I spice this up by stenciling a design on the bag or sealing it with ribbon or washi tape. I’m telling ya, it’s so easy! And people love it!

Candy Roll.jpg

2. Cookie Roll-Up. Obviously this wouldn’t work for a piece of cake or something… but it can be fun for homemade cookies or sweets. You simply take a piece of cellophane and roll few cookies up. Tape it, and then tie the ends with curling ribbon! Done.

Cookie Cups.jpg

3. Cookie Cups. Now this one is also really simple and it can be used for sweets, brownies, and cookies! You just put a few cute cupcake liners on a plate and fill em up! Deliver and you’re done!

Cookie Box.jpg

4. Homemade Box aka the Cookie Basket. This is a really cute one! I used the tutorial found here. You can decorate this box with washi tape, ribbon, or anything you have on hand! This takes a little more effort than some, but not too much!

Goodie Bouquet.jpg

5. Traditional Goodie Basket. This is a favorite of mine. Mostly because it looks SO good! And it’s not even hard. You put the treat on a plate. Place the plate on a large piece of cellophane (I usually use a colorful one, but clear is all I had on hand…)and tie it up with curling ribbon! Deliver, IMPRESS, and you’re done! 😉

I hope that helps you in your gift-giving! (I’m sure your friends and neighbors will appreciate it!)  If you’re interested in the delicious M&M cookies I made here –

M&M Cookies.jpg-then check out the recipe here. Mine didn’t flatten out as much as I’d like, but I think it’s because my cookies were what I call 2-bite cookies! One tip: These cookies are best eaten day of, or at the latest within 2 days. I found they seemed stale after that.

Now go, bake, package, and deliver! 🙂

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