Quick DIY Patriotic Home Decor Projects

I grew up with a mother who decorated the whole house for almost every holiday. So around holidays I get into the decorative mood!

I threw together a few things to bring a little of the holiday to life in my apt. These are really easy, and could all be done in one afternoon! I hope you enjoy!

Quick Curtains


Fabric Over Window.jpg

Take a 1/2 yard of patriotic fabric and cut it in pieces that will cover your window’s blinds.(You can buy more or less fabric depending on how big your windows are!) My window’s needed a little less than 1/2 yard, and were cut into 3 pieces. Take one of the pieces of fabric and tie the ends around, almost like you are tying a piece of candy. I used a simple string, but you can use ribbon or just about anything you like! Then put them back up! Done!

No-Sew Table Cloth


This is super easy and looks great when it’s done! You take 1/2 yard of patriotic fabric, and cut it into a square or rectangle. (Base the shape of off what you will lay it on!) Simple put a line of fabric glue along the edge and fold it over. I would recommend laying down some cardboard or paper towel to make sure no glue gets on your table! Once you’ve folded the edges and they’ve dried you can lay it on whatever area you planned!

4 Piece Wreath


This is seriously the EASIEST wreath.  You take a pre-made branch wreath (around $4), place a flag in the twigs, then a metal barn star over the flag. Lastly, you tie a burlap ribbon and make a large bow on the wreath. That’s it! You can move the pieces around as you like them. But how easy is that??? No twist-ties or any additional pieces required! Just use them if you need to!

10 Minute Fireworks


Using paper towel and toilet paper rolls you can create an easy decoration! Simply paint them with patriotic colors, tie them up with string or raffia! You can be really simple in your paint designs or if you want to attempt some flag themes you can!

Patriotic Vases


Thrift stores are packed with odd vases. So swing by pick up 3 and fill them with colored rice! The colored rice is easy to make! You fill a ziplock bag with rice, then pour food coloring in it. Shake it up and mush it around to disperse the color. You can add as much color as you like. TIP: For the white, I actually poured in a little white paint. It helped whiten the rice, but be warned, up close you can see the paint that has stuck to the starch of the rice. Unless you’re looking for it, you won’t see it though.

Patriotic Display

You can throw some of these crafts together with other odds and ends and create a beautiful display! I picked up some frames from the thrift store and added some patriotic printables, and VOILA!

Happy 4th of July! I hope you have fun with these crafts and decor ideas! Enjoy!

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