Avocado Toast – 4 Ways

I recently was turned on to avocado toast and I’ve had so much fun playing with flavors! Here are 4 of my personal favorites!


1. Classic – Salt, Pepper, LOTS of red pepper, eggs over easy

This is honestly the way I make most of my avocado toast. I love the eggs with the toast – and I LOVE a good healthy kick of spice.


2. Basil, Tomato, salt, pepper

So I love real Margherita pizza! I make it with my brother a lot. So I have a basil plant ready at all times… so I figured why not make an avocado toast into a margherita pizza? I really like how it turned out!


3. Fiesta Avocado Toast

I mentioned already that I like spice. This one is great with or without the ham and egg, but I always am trying to make sure I get enough protein so I pile it on! Plus when you sauté the peppers and ham pieces together it just gives it a really satisfying taste.


4. Berries & Balsamic,

One other way I like starting my day? With lots of berries! 🙂 This one hits my sweet tooth in a perfect way! In this picture there are only a few berries… but in reality I load this thing up. There are more berries than anything else, and I like it.



Have you tried Avocado toast? If you have any favorite flavor combo’s post them below! I hope you’ll try my favorites soon and enjoy them as much as I do!



  1. I had Italian neighbors when I was growing up and they had a big avocado tree. We loved spreading plain avocado on hard French rolls and sprinkling them with salt and pepper. It brings back lots of memories!

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