Spring Fashions to Try

1. Long Dresses and Skirts

This may sound counter-intuitive. But these are perfect to transition from winter to summer! I’m in love with these looks because there is something chic, classic, and downright elegant!

long skirt collage.jpg

2. Hats

I’ve been on the hunt hats this spring. I’m looking for baseball hats, panama hats, and everything in between!

hat collage.jpg

3. Heeled Sandals

So…I’m tall. It’s taken me years to really feel comfortable wearing heels. There are still days where I don’t feel comfortable in them… But this spring I’ve been feeling heels all the way!! I’ve been more a fan of the neutral colored sandals, but I’m sure I’ll get adventurous in the summer!

heeled sandals.jpg

4. Chiffon Kimonos

I love layers. I also hate being hot. So these have been on my wish list for the Spring!

kimono collage

5. Stripes

Stripes are one of those things that I’ve had a love affair with for years! And in the spring I feel like it’s the perfect time to bring out the stripes in full force! Pair stripes with skirts, shorts, and other patterns! (Especially floral!)

stripes collage

What have been the spring trends you’re in love with?

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