Harry Potter Movie Night

Many of us have memories of reading Harry Potter late into the night, listening to books on cd on road trips, and having movie marathons with roommates.

Let’s face it, Harry Potter has brought a lot of joy to our lives!

Recently, a few friends felt like it’s been too long since we’d watched Harry Potter.  So… we decided to watch 1 (or 2….) together! Me, being the silly over-the-top person I am, decided to make Harry Potter themed treats!

Our menu included:

  • Licorice Wands
  • Jelly Slugs
  • Golden Snitch Cake
  • Cauldron Cakes
  • Pumpkin Pasties
  • Chocolate Frogs
  • Polyjuice Potion
  • ButterBeer

Full Table.jpg

There were a dozen other things I wanted to also make. (A basilisk stromboli snake, treacle tart, exploding bon-bons, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, etc.) But… I felt like for a small group – this would be plenty!

The Licorice Wands and Jelly Slugs were easy…just bought some Red Vines and Gummi Worms!



The Chocolate Frogs were actually pretty easy too! I bought a mold on Amazon. I went through an easy process of making Reese’s and Caramel Filled Frogs. (If you’d like details on how I make and fill chocolates, comment below and I’ll do a separate post!)


Cauldron Cakes were easy to make, but time consuming to decorate. I used this post for inspiration. I ended up baking dark chocolate fudge cake using my mini-bundt cake pans, dipped the cooled cakes in chocolate, attached Reese’s cup legs, placed chocolate covered pretzels, and add a rim of chocolate fudge frosting. I decided that I would make a white chocolate whipped cream filling and pipe in some ghosts! These were a hit! Everyone loved the balance of flavors. I could have been a little more neat with my decorating…but I was in a hurry. And they still tasted good!


Pumpkin Pasties weren’t bad either. I used this recipe almost exactly. This was my first time that I’ve made a pastry dough…. (without my mom’s help!) I used a food processor to blend everything. And.. I added too much water. I tried to fix it,  but it wasn’t having it. So I started over. Second time it worked great! Everyone loved these. They said they felt like Fall had started early! Yum!


The Golden Snitch… Now this was…. interesting. This was a few hours after finishing the decorating. You might noticed a slight lopsided look to it. I baked the cake in glass bowls to create a perfect snitch shape. When I put them together, they didn’t look like a sphere at all. More like a football. So… I baked a normal round layer of cake to put in the middle to make it more sphere like. It helped… but the round edges weren’t pronounced enough. So I put them on a pedestal of sorts. As I decorated, the pedestal dug into the cake and made things worse. I had a brief moment of frustration where I wanted to dig in my fingers and throw the whole thing away. I held back… and just accepted this wouldn’t be as spectacular as I’d hoped. What would I do differently? I would use smaller bowls for a more prominent sphere shape, and I would choose a more spongey type of cake. (I used Funfetti, because it’s a favorite… But it’s way too soft and crumbly to hold a sphere shape!) Other than that, I would do it again! If you’re curious how I made it gold… I used edible gold spray paint! I bought at mine Wal-Mart, but you can get it on Amazon as well! I just did one coat here, because in person it looked very gold. But you can layer up so you can get it a more solid gold color!

I used recipes I found for the Polyjuice Potion and the ButterBeer. They were great! Easy, quick, and delicious!

Next time you watch Harry Potter, don’t be afraid to make one of these treats to make the event more festive!



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