5 Hair Products I’m Loving!

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Generic Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Not your Mother’s: Plump For Joy Thickening Hair Lifter

Style Sexy Hair 450 Blow Out Heat Defense Blow Out Spray

Big Sexy Hair Get Layered

Big Sexy Hair Flip It Over Texture Spray

With the change to short hair, I’ve experimented with a few new products. (Some of which I got from my hairstylist! She recommended them based on the look I was going for!) Now here are the things I was looking for in my hair life that caused me to start using these!

I wanted shiny, healthy, voluminous hair!

I wanted the tousled waves that are SO in.

I wanted to hair that didn’t feel grungy.

So how do I achieve this magical wish?

I start with a clarifying shampoo. Don’t know why you need one of these? Read here. This is my personal favorite! This way my hair is as light as possible. It has no residue and is shiny and ready to go!

I then spray  Not Your Mother’s Hair Lifter spray all over my roots. My hair is fine textured, but there is a lot of it. So…. I describe it as “heavy”. It weighs down very easily. So a volumizing product is a MUST. This one smells amazing, and does the trick quite well! (I personally like it better than most root lifters I’ve used!)

Then I spray the mid-shaft to ends with 450 Blow Out. This helps protect my hair against the heat styling I’m about to do! I like that it acts as a de-tangler, conditioner, AND heat protectant.

After drying my hair (I definitely do the whole flip my hair upside down thing…), I section and curl my hair and spray a light mist of Get Layered to each section.

After my hair is curled, I tousle my hair at the roots to loosen up the curls. Then I flip over my head and spray a little of the Flip it Over to the ends. I flip back, scrunch my hair and then head out the door! The Flip it Over remains in my hair quite well, so I can scrunch again throughout the day to revive the waves.

That’s it! These are my current hair favorites! Try it and enjoy your waves for a day!

Have you tried these? Comment below to share your thoughts and your current favorites!


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