Why You Need New Shoes After College

When you graduate college there are so many things that you take on. It can be a time to look for jobs, move to a new city, travel the world, or settle down with your family.

Something you may not have thought about? Cleaning out your wardrobe! When I graduated college, I immediately trotted off to start my full-time job. I trotted in my shoes that I’d had all through college.


I realized very quickly in the professional setting how tacky and crazy my shoes looked! Memories of running through puddles to get to class, wrestling matches in the library, and random sports games that occurred when it was nice weather… all of these came back to me as I looked at my shoes.

 IMG_4813 (1)

So I kept the memories, but decided I needed to ditch the shoes!


For the average shoe, depending on your lifestyle of course, they should have a shelf-life of 2-5 years. If you have cheap shoes (#collegelife) they can often wear out in 6 months! If you have shoes that still look nice but have a worn out heel, you can easily get that repaired by a cobbler! For me, my shoes were cheap enough and outdated enough, that I felt the need for a new round of shoe styles!

It’s important that when you change phases in life, whether it’s after college or any part of your life! Take some time this week to inspect your shoes and say goodbye to those that aren’t giving you or your feet the pampering you deserve!


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