Creating Your Summer Goals

Did you know that the majority of our tasks take twice as long as we think they will?

Ok, I don’t have a scientific study to cite on that… but I heard it once. And it sure FEELS true!

So this summer how do you set goals and actually accomplish them? I put together a few tips on how to have a Summer of Success!

Step 1


Map it Out!

What time commitments do you have? Trips to Disneyland? Volunteering at the food shelter? Kid’s summer camps? Church commitments 6 hours per week?

Put them on your calendar!

Step 2


Write down your goals!

What are the things you hope to accomplish? Learn to decorate cakes? Paint the house? Lose 20lbs?

Write those things down!

Now write down what you’ll need to do to accomplish those things!


Decorate Cakes:

  • Create a Pinterest board for inspiration
  • Find YouTube tutorials to teach me or sign up for a community class!
  • Bake 1-2 cakes per week depending on time commitments.
  • Buy supplies to make cakes!

Paint the House

  • Decide which rooms to paint
  • Paint shopping
  • Test out colors
  • Schedule out which room to paint each week. Will take 10-20 hours per room. (Setup, priming, etc.)

Lose 20lbs.

  • Workout 1 hour 6x per week.
    • Join the gym and sign up for classes or use machines there.
    • Buy workout dvds to follow or use YouTube workouts, etc.
  • Cut out refined sugar from diet.

Step 3


Calendar and Set Deadlines!

Create checkpoints for yourself. If you want to lose 20 lbs by the end of the summer, when is your halfway point? If you want to paint the inside of your house, when should each room be done?  Be realistic and keep in mind your other commitments! If you’re taking a trip to Disneyland one week, don’t expect to paint the kitchen in the same week!


*Keep in mind these deadlines are to help keep you focused and get the job done! NOT to make you go crazy and beat yourself up if you are a few days late.

Step 4


Create your Environment for Success!

If you need to clean out your pantry to get rid of all those cookies, or do you need to clean out each room to prepare them for the painting? Do you need to get your family on board? Find a workout buddy? Whatever possible roadblocks you foresee, create a game plan to overcome them!


That’s it! Now get going! Your Summer of Success can start today!

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