#ItWasMom – Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a special day. It’s the day we remember all of the thankless things our mothers did for us through the years, and finally say thank you for them. I was blessed to have the most WONDERFUL mother on the planet. (I suppose most of us think that about our mothers…) But let me tell you why mine is so special.

5 Reasons I had the BEST Mother

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  1. She was beautiful. Inside and Out. I remember my day talking to me one day about how much he loved that I was like my mom. He said one of the most special things about her was that she loved being in the center of the crowd so she could see who was missing and bring them in. She was herself through and through, and was able to bring light into so many people’s lives. She was perfectly filled with love.


2. She is a kid at heart. She always knows how to connect with children. She makes things silly and fun, and spent so many years creating things to use that would teach and nurture children. She loves to laugh and enjoy life. It’s as if she never lost that child-like wonder that so many of have beaten out of us through the years.

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3. She has a passion for knowledge and learning. Wonder where I got that? 😉 She has a master’s degree, but it’s more than that. She knows about EVERYTHING? She knows about diseases, countries, art, and every other topic I can think of. Everything she learned seemed to have a story. I’m convinced that she is one of the most brilliant women that I’ve ever met. I just hope I can be as smart as she is someday!

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4. She is tender-hearted. She would easily be brought to tears is one thing I remember. For years, I thought it was ridiculous. Then when I started being more emotional, I mentally sighed that I was turning into my mom.  I realized eventually that to be tender is not a bad thing. She has been through pain and hardship and rejection like all of us, but she has survived with few calluses. She still FEELS things. What a beautiful gift that she can still feel and embrace a full spectrum of emotions and is not inhibited by pride or fear of judgment.


5. She is firm in her knowledge of Christ and his gospel. She has ever been a rock and example for me and my family. She has served in every capacity in our church, read scriptures, prayed, and taught all of us the importance of putting God first in our lives. Even now, she and my father are serving a full-time mission in Thailand. They will live there for almost 2 years to simply help others come closer to Jesus Christ.

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Like I said, all of us know how special our mothers are. But I do feel especially blessed knowing that I got the cream of the crop.

Why are you grateful for your mother? Don’t forget to tell her on this special day!

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