Life Lessons from My Grandmother Lyon

Cherie Dean Moss.

She is a legend and role model to me. Leading up to Mother’s Day I thought I’d share why.

Audrey Hepburn once said: download

I cannot think of a women who embodied these words more than my grandmother. In her youth she was known for being beautiful and creating beautiful things. She modeled for several years, but she was also incredibly talented as a wife and mother. She would often take charge of decorating, cooking, and entertaining for church events as well as military functions. I obviously didn’t know her back then, but here are snippets of the years I missed.


Now let me tell you about the incredible the I knew. I am the youngest in my family and only have memories of my grandmother in her oldest years. She had aged with incredible poise and grace .


All of my memories of my grandmother were after she suffered a massive stroke. This stroke did major damage. She could not move adeptly as she once could, she could not create or beautify the world as she was used to, and she could not speak well. This is the thing I remember most. If you could struggled to speak and could only manage to learn a handful of words, what would you choose to say?

Here is what she chose:


To the end of her life she embodied pure kindness and poise. This is how I knew who she was in her life. No one who is faking being polite could still go on pretending during such a difficult trial. I remember coming to visit and my grandmother reaching out to me and just about everyone in the room to let them know they were beautiful. SHE was beautiful. This was by far her favorite word. It was the word I heard most often and the one that will remain in my memory forever. She taught me that no matter the circumstances you are in, there is always a kind word to be said. Complaining seems so low and a waste of words when I think of my grandmother’s example. Considering this was how my grandmother was leaving her legacy in my life, perhaps she also hoped I would remember that I am beautiful. And no matter the circumstances, I should look for the beauty all around me.

What lessons have you learned from your grandmother? What legacy do you hope to leave behind?

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