Why You Should Give Short Hair a Try

So I go between having long and short hair. I love both in all honesty! I’ve gone from several feet to several inches. I believe hair is the best accessory.

I’ve had a run of 4 years of long hair and I kept stalling to cut it. Why? Because I thought I would be more attractive with long hair! Silly, I know. I normally can’t wait to cut my hair – but I just kept stalling. But finally, I cut it. And you know what happened? I loved it. And so did everyone else!

3 Reasons to Try Short Hair

  1. It accentuates your face like crazy! Suddenly your eyes, cheekbones, lips are all more noticeable. Your hair brings the attention to your face. So you want a little more attention? Try it out.
  2. Trying new things builds confidence. When you get a haircut, you walk with pep in your step! That attitude change can alter how you interact with others, how you view yourself, and how motivated you are to reach your goals.
  3. It’s just HAIR! It grows back. A haircut will help you get out of a rut. Personally, I can tell when it’s time for a cut when I wear a ponytail or bun EVERYDAY. It means I’m subconsciously bored. So don’t be scared of the change. If you don’t love it, then you will have your long hair back soon.

One interesting note – after I cut it, there were FIVE of my friends that cut theirs too! You’d be surprised how many people around you simply need a little inspiring to take the plunge.

So go on! Cut off any baggage you have – and play with your new style!

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Comment below with your thoughts on long vs. short hair!

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