Moments that Matter Most

Man, do you ever have those days where you get hit with a ton of bricks – emotionally speaking? Yeah, today was one of those for me. I feel like it was a simple case of the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” syndrome. So it’s been building up for a while….

But after a good talk with a friend, and then a very spiritual experience where I felt God’s love for me, I felt the need to share what I was reminded of.

Slow down, and enjoy the wonders around you! There is happiness everywhere around you, if you’ll only open your eyes. Sometimes, I choose to walk around with my eyes closed…. rather than feel love and light. So for any of you who ever feel this way – or for those who just like to be uplifted… Here’s a quick video that always helps me remember what’s important! 🙂

Take some time this week to enjoy the small moments! Happy Sunday!


Let me know your thoughts down below! 🙂

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