Oregon Vacation!

So my absence has a fun explanation! I was on vacation in Oregon visiting my sister and wanted to share some of my fun memories from that! I have tons to catch up on here! So expect to see more of me soon! 🙂

Oh family….

hike 1 portland cute face hug




DELICIOUS! I’ve never been to a Morroccan restaurant, but this was amazing! My brother and sister and her husband and I all sat on the poufs on the floor. We ate an 8 course meal WITH OUR HANDS. Yep, no silverware of any kind! We had lentil soup, eggplant & cucumber salad, appetizer of phyllo wrapped chicken, egg, and almond, 5 main dishes to share ( apricot chicken, spicy lamb, mediterranean chicken, chicken kebobs, chicken tangine with dates and honey), and mint tea for dessert. This was a fun experience, in a great atmosphere! (The dark room meant the photo wasn’t perfect…. but you get the idea, right?) There was even a belly dancer who came out! Oh my goodness. This might be my new favorite thing! So, if you’re in the Portland area then check this place out!!! I just need to find a Moroccan restaurant closer to home now!

Salt and Straw

Ice cream 20140617_144632

So this was a recommendation to try. We went there twice because it was so good!!! This is a unique ice cream shop.

Look at those flavors!!!

My favorites were


Almond Brittle with Chocolate Ganache – need I say more?

Coconut with Petunia’s Caramel Bars – My sister didn’t even want to try this until I did. She thought Petunia meant the flower! 🙂 In this place, that wasn’t a big stretch!

My least favorite? Pear with Bleu Cheese. It was fine at first. Pear had a light flavor, with fun little tangs of cheese here and there. Then came HUGE chunks of cheese. It was a little too much for me…..

Ninja Blenders, World Cup, and the ER


Oh gosh. These things are quite intense. As in they are SUPER sharp! My sister just got one, and we were experimenting with different smoothies. Now, I’m hoping to invest in a refurbished vitamix  (I’m too poor to buy a brand new one!). But I was tempted by this when I saw it! I’m pretty sure I’ll have a bad taste in my mouth everytime I see one though. I took off the lid to pour the smoothie for everyone. I didn’t realize that the blades weren’t attached! They slid right out onto the floor. Now, that wouldn’t have been a big deal…. if it hadn’t hit me first. I had a cut on my upper leg, and a horrible cut on my foot. My sister went to the store to get some glue, while my brother-in-law held my foot with a compress. We glued the wound, which stung like the dickens! Then we went for a hike. They said it’d be fine…. it definitely hurt, and when I saw my bloody sock at home I decided glue wasn’t going to cut it. So after watching the first few minutes of the world cup game with USA and Ghana, I went to the ER. ( But I did see the first goal for USA!!) The nurse said she’d been cut by her ninja blender too! She also said I definitely needed stitches because the wound was talking to me. (She then painfully made my cut open like a mouth and talk to me… unnecessary, right? ) It’s almost time to get the stitches out though!!!

Hiking and Taking in the sights!

Crater Lake and Hiking Galore! I spent time with my brother James, my sister Christina (and her husband Taylor), and niece and nephews – Alvin, Chloe, and Porter!

Look at the fun we had in beautiful Oregon!

IMG_20140615_172244-MOTION view multnoma falls IMG_20140614_105143 (1) hike2 waterfall water hike hike 3 crater lake crater lake2beach


So, that was my AMAZING vacation in Oregon! I can’t wait to go back! If any of you have been to Oregon and know of some places I should visit next time, let me know!!!!

Hope you all had fun looking at memories of my vacation!



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