Pineapple Boat

So I love having people over! I enjoy trying out fancy recipes, so it’s always the perfect excuse. 🙂


Recently, I had pretty short notice for a large group coming over.  So as an appetizer (and conversation piece) I whipped out a crowd favorite. Pineapple Boats! Ok, that’s what my mom always called them……

First, take a ripe pineapple. (This pineapple was a little more ripe than I like, I prefer them with more tangy firmness….)



Next few steps you will cut the pineapple into quarters (INCLUDING THE GREEN LEAVES!)

20140310_120514 20140310_120727










Now, you’ll need a thin flexible knife. (Yes, I’m sure there’s a proper name for those…. post below if you know what it is!) Cut from one to the other, at about 3/4 of an inch from the top.

20140310_120747 20140310_120806

Make a curved cut all along the bottom of the pineapple, as if you’re simply cutting away the skin.

20140310_120837 20140310_120849

You should now have a chunk of pineapple that can slide out if you push it. (But don’t do that!)

Slice this chunk into 1/2″ -1″ sections depending on what you prefer to eat! Then push each piece halfway out, but in different directions.

20140310_120925 20140310_121042


All done! Have some toothpicks ready for your guests to grab the pieces out and enjoy! This is easy, and yet people think it’s sooooooo fancy! 🙂




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