Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always trying to get some protein for breakfast. And I LOVE fruit!!! So making protein pancakes is a regular staple in my mornings. I normally go for cinnamon, chocolate, or plain vanilla. I top it with greek yogurt and berries! Recently I was given a large amount of apples, so I began experimenting with putting them in my pancakes!

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Moving Works and Trusting God

Months ago, I watched this video and was reminded of some precious lessons the Lord has taught me in the past few years. All about righteous desires, trust, patience, faith, and most of all how much God loves each and every one of us.


I haven’t had the same experience as these two people, but I’ve had experiences that have taught me similar lessons. I think we’ve all had moments of stress where we are expecting certain blessings and outcomes and become frustrated when they do not come. Many have lost faith because of these experiences.

Watching this video moved me to want to share what I know. We are so loved by our Heavenly Father. He has a perfect knowledge of what will be best for us in this life because he knows us perfectly. Again and again, I’ve made plans based off desires and goals. And “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. I honestly think that Heavenly Father chuckles at my little attempts to plan and control my life. Patiently, I’ve felt Heavenly Father remind me to let go and have faith. But that is SO hard! It can take a lifetime to learn how to trust so perfectly in God, that we can let go of worry and anxiety. I’m grateful that He is patient with us as we learn. As we move forward in faith, our desires change and our character is changed. I do not believe God witholds things out of spite -he knows what we can learn and become through the tests and trials we face.

As it mentioned in the video – do not wait for a specific blessing to live a life full of joy. Joy can be found everyday in a million ways. Happiness is what God intends for us. Expected blessings should not be the condition we use to feel happiness.

I am not perfect in my ability to trust, but because of my experiences I can say without a doubt that God knows us. He will give us the blessings we need at the time we need them. Trust in God and His timing.

5 Time Management Tips to Try

I love life. I love to be busy and do absolutely everything I can. So…I like the idea of time management. It means I can cram in everything I want. It also means I can relax on occasion!!

It’s also necessary when let’s say you work multiple jobs, are in school, want to workout regularly, fulfill church responsibilities, serve in the community, and have a social life, etc. (And yes, I’ve been in all of those situations.)

So… here are 5 ways I’ve found work for me to manage my time!!!

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